A Traumatic day on the front line!!! – Day 4 in Africa. “Seha” was the victim of a brutal poaching incident. Seha was shot through the shoulder with the bullet travelling right through his body. Severely wounded but not dead, the poachers not even wanting to waste another bullet, then took a chainsaw to him and hacked away both his horns and gouged out the majority of his face!
He managed to cling on to life after this brutal attack but wandered the farm for over 2 weeks! Dr. Johan and Zoe, vets from Saving The Survivors – NPC , stepped in to try and save his life. After pioneering surgery last September 2016, Seha had a small chance of survival, despite the amazing skills of Dr. Johan and Zoe, the survival rate is only 20%! 5 years ago this animal would not have survived and would sadly have been shot. So this type of procedure, which is not done anywhere else in the world, is giving these Rhinos another chance!! This morning Seha needed further follow up treatment to tend to his wound. First he was darted and sedated by Zoe, then rolled into position by the team so Dr. Johan could work on the wound. Project Red’s founder Paul, was a part of the medical procedure, keeping check on Seha’s vital signs and reporting the stats throughout the operation to Dr. Johan and Zoe. Once the wound had been tended to, Zoe administered the medication to wake Seha up. Within seconds he was back on his feet. We were truly honoured to witness these guys in action, even more so because Paul was able to be literally hands on! This is the true horror of poaching. How can any human inflict such devastating, heart numbing cruelty on another living creature?! #timeforaction