Day 5 in Africa : Part 2 This afternoon we met with Arrie van Deventer from The Rhino Orphanage. We saw his facility and he explained his approach to Rhino rehabilitation. It was an interesting meeting, the setting was like Alice in Wonderland meets Africa!  It reminded us of Doctor Do little! Paul had a Yellow bill horn bill on his shoulder (called Eddy) and an African wild cat attacking the laces of his boots! After a few hours, two small white horses just walked calmly across the balcony where we were having our meeting! Arrie didn’t bat an eye lid despite the hundreds of saved animals pleasantly disrupting our discussions!
We also discussed with Arrie his opinions and his thoughts on the wider conservation issues, in particular larger hopes and projects where Project Red maybe able to help. Arrie is very well respected in the Rhino rescue community, not least because he was the first person to accept and care for a poached Rhino. In effect building the first Rhino orphanage, he already has Rhinos that have come through his care, being released into the wild, fully adapted and breeding successfully! Proof it can be done and proof that saving one is in effect saving many through their reproduction. Arrie’s vision is very much in line with the core values of Project Red. Looking to the future, we both envisage a sustainable solution. We both want to work towards a future where everyone involved in the rescue and care for these animals can come together, sharing knowledge and experience. We will definitely be staying in touch with Arrie and The Rhino Orphanagewith a potential huge game changing Project Red project to come!!!! #timeforaction The Rhino Orphanage Entabeni Safari Conservancy       p2 bp2 ap2 c