Day 5 in Africa : Part 1 To further our research into Rhino rescue, rehabilitation and release, today we visited 2 more Rhino sanctuaries and orphanages, each taking a different approach to caring for the orphaned and injured. We have found that each sanctuary has a different approach to the rehabilitation of the Rhino and it was interesting to understand the different approaches and logic.
Everyone starts at the same point with an injured or orphaned Rhino and everyone has the same aim, which is to eventually release the animal to live successfully in the wild and reproduce as nature intended. This invaluable work and dedication contributes massively to Rhino numbers and helps with the genetic diversity of the gene pool. As well of course, providing a safe haven and strong hold to more securely protect this endangered species. #timeforaction Rhino Pride Foundation   d5 p1 18620905_1375858212503104_150740946690982156_o 18623248_1375858205836438_5440774612059121190_o