Day 3 in Africa : Part 2. Today we had the privilege of helping to care for the youngest of the orphans at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary. Khanya, the baby who’s mother was murdered in front of her at only 4 months old! Lisa was privileged to help feed Khanya her milk from a bottle. Seeing the life saving work the devoted sanctuary staff do, dedicating themselves so selflessly to these orphans, really made us want to help them focus on the animals and not to worry about how they were going to pay for the supplies they need. So Project Red arranged and paid for a delivery of a truck full of baby milk and feed for Khanya which should ensure that they can continue to care for her without worry. We look forward to the day, like the older Rhinos today, when Khanya is herself released back into the wild. In the mean time, Khanya and the other orphans here, will be protected by our Project Red dog Jackson and the rest of the anti poaching team! #timeforaction Day 3 CFW CFW Day 3 3 CFW Day 3 2