Day 6 in Africa : Part 2. Tonight we went out on patrol with VETPAW { Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife } VETPAW are ex-USA special forces and Navy Seals now creating an elite Anti-poaching unit who operate off a reserve in Limpopo. They have only been there 6 months, but since they arrived they have not lost a single Rhino or lost any animal on the reserve as a result of poaching! Their approach works!
These US Special forces personnel have given up their lives in America and relocated to Africa to bring their specialist knowledge to the fight against poaching. These guys have spent their working life in the toughest conflicts around the globe and have benefitted from the highest level of training in every aspect of combat, surveillance, intelligence, logistics, literally every aspect of warfare. And this is a war! But the odds have just changed! We went out on patrol with the unit to inspect their fences, locate their Rhino and show presence around the area. Their approach is to employ their military training and work smarter not harder! Work in collaboration with the Police and law enforcement, work with the locals and protect, for future generations, the natural inheritance of Africa! {Our pictures of this project are limited due to the nature of this operation.} #timeforaction
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