Day 6 in Africa : Part 1. Project Red believe that working with the local communities is an integral part of conservation. It is often a complex matter but its important the indigenous people and local communities value the wildlife as wildlife and understand what it is we are trying to do! So wherever we go, we always try and do what we can in some of the local villages. On our way between projects today we visited Bethesda Outreach, which is an orphanage and school for local children.
These guys do amazing work with local children, children who have lost both their parents and have zero extended family! The parents are often lost to AIDS or HIV. If it were not for Bethesda, these children would be on the streets! Today we stopped by to see first hand the great work they are doing and to deliver some clothes and equipment we had collected from the UK and Sweden. The boys loved the Barcelona football kit!! Great to put a smile on their faces #timeforaction Bethesda Outreach Paramount Specialised K9 SolutionsProject Red   6 36 2