Day 3 in Africa : Part 1. Witnessing the beauty in action. Rhino Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release at Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary. Today we had the pleasure of seeing the full cycle of care at the sanctuary. In the morning we met the latest orphan to be rescued, Khanya. She was helicoptered into the sanctuary 2 weeks ago after her mother was brutally murdered by poachers. Close to death, dehydrated and malnourished, she would have died without intervention. To ease the baby into her new surroundings she was blindfolded and had plugs in her ears. After a few days, as she got used to the smells and sounds of her new home, her blindfold and earplugs were removed. Through the amazing care and attention given to her by Petronel and all the team here at Care For Wild, she is fast adapting to her new family. In the afternoon we were honoured to witness the release of a group of 6 young rhinos from their enclosure into the wider reserve! Rhinos that started just as Khanya, now being ready, after years of hard work, for release back into the wild. These rhinos are all orphans who have been lovingly nurtured from the horrendous position they were in when they arrived here, often badly injured. One of the females had no ears as she had been mauled by hyenas! Now you see them as we did today, a beautiful bonded group who have been cared for by these exceptional humans and are now ready to take their next steps towards being majestic wild animals again! Check out the video of them taking their first steps, sniffing at the new ground and intrepidly exploring their new freedom! We are so proud to be helping protect these beautiful creatures! #timeforaction