Day 7 in Africa. VETPAW special forces boots + Project Red’s Paws!!! Time for action
We spent this morning back with VETPAW. They explained in more detail their vision and longer term strategy. They want to make their current location a model to prove that their approach works. They can then show this success to other vulnerable land owners and hopefully they can then expand their operation to other locations. There are 9 properties that are within reach of VETPAW’s current base, they are already offering rapid response to these neighbouring properties, but the aim is to be a pro-active deterrent and not need to be a reaction. Prevention being better than cure! So they need to have their boots on the ground before the poachers strike. Like us, they recognise the need to engage the local population, so they will be looking to recruit and train local rangers to further their work, they also work closely with local law enforcement. Currently the majority of poaching incidents which VETPAW respond to are not at their base location, so they are always one step behind the poachers. This is where Project Red comes in! We have agreed to take one of the VETPAW personnel, equip him with a Project Red dog and put them through our K9 Anti-poaching training. Our dog will become one of the most useful weapons in VETPAW’s considerable arsenal! Now when they respond to an incident, they will literally be straight on the scent and heels of the poachers! Also, when assisting the local law enforcement, especially in road blocks, they will be adding real value through the increased detection skills of the dog. With this caliber of handler, already combat trained to special forces standards, this latest Project Red K-9 Anti-Poaching unit will undoubtedly be the most feared K9 unit in the whole of Africa! We will change the odds! We will succeed! #timeforactionVeterans Empowered To Protect African WildlifeProject Red
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